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Senepol Bulls Embryos & Semen

All of our bulls are registered with the Senepol Cattle Breeders Association.

Senangus Bulls Embryos & Semen

A Guide to Understanding the Register Data

Within the same breed, it shows the positive weight deviations of the offspring of cows descending from bulls. This fact is indicated in pounds. It is an indirect indicator of milk production.

It is information regarding the growth capability within the same breed, in which, the Maternal Milk EPD and the Weaning EPD are combined. The Maternal Milk EPD represents the maternal influence and the Weaning Weight EPD is isolated from the maternal component. This fact is indicated in pounds. In this value, both factors in the growth of the animal are combined, the quality of the mother (Maternal Milk) and its own genetic background (Weaning Weight, weight gain).

This variable is indicated in centimeters and reflects the semen production potential for this individual, also indicating the early sexual maturity of the offspring.

Individual proportions of combined genetics.

The weight of the offspring at 365 days, will have a positive (+) or a negative (-) variation within the same breed; this variation is indicated in pounds. The maternal influence is excluded.

Identify genetics indicative of superior beef quality in that animal.

Studies are made to identify specific genes for our breed which determine the quality of the beef, all with the goal of always being able to offer our customers the best genetic material.

Pedigree based information of occuracy


Estimated Progeny Difference

Birth weight of the offspring will have a weight variation positive (+) or negative (-) within the breed. This variation is shown in pounds

The weight of the offspring at 205 days, will present a positive (+) or negative (-) deviation within the same breed, this variation is shown in pounds. Maternal influence excluded, only with of its own offspring

Animal identification number in the Sacramento Farms herd.

Animal registration number in the association.

Date of birth of the animal

Father of the animal.

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