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About Us

Sacramento Farms, located in Central Florida, near Lake Okeechobee, boasts the largest herd of Senepol cattle in the United States.
Celebrating 25 years experience in handling heat adapted cattle,.our Senepol cattle represents the best performance EPD;a of Senepol Cattle in the country. We have focused on meeting the needs of the beef industry using our advanced technology in compliance with the strict standards of genetic selection,

Our Story

Sebastião De Aguiar

Sebastião De Aguiar

The Founder

Sacramento Farms history of the with the Senepol breed began in 1998, when Sebastião de Aguiar acquired a half-blood bull Senepol X Caracu. “This bull left 131 offspring in a breeding station. The calves were extraordinary and showed many characteristics of the Senepol breed. Because of this result, I decided to invest in the breed”, recalls Sebastião.

Sebastião and 2 other breeders founded the Brazilian association of Senepol (ABCBS) , and were the first to import embryos to Brazil from the United States.

In 2000, a year after moving to Okeechobee, he started breeding Senepol there by acquiring the herd that belonged to Leachman Cattle Co. In 2001, Senepol began selecting purebred animals in Brazil as well. The breeder acquired embryos from the United States, in partnership with CFM, to form the first Senepol matrices of his herd, located in Paranaíba, MS in Brazil.

The basis of the herd is Senepol genetics selected in the United States and the Virgin Islands (place of origin of the breed). “In the beginning, we had the guidance of Embrapa researcher Luís Otávio Campos, who was doing postdoctoral work in Georgia and always visited the farm. At the time, selection was based on pedigree EPD and phenotype. Later, we adopted new techniques that evolved and, we are now adhering to the genome”, says Sebastião.

In 2012, the breeder decided to concentrate his activities only in the United States and sold the entire breeding stock (including purebred and S1 and S2 specimens) in Brazil. “Participating in the PMGS will be a unique opportunity to evolve even further in my selection process”, concludes the creator.

Founded in 2017 by the Brazilian Association of Cattle Breeders Senepol, the PMGS currently has 192 registered herds. It is the first breed program in the world to launch Genomic DEPS, based on four pillars: Genealogical Registration Service, Zootechnical Tests, Genetic and Genomic Evaluation – developed in partnership with Embrapa Gado de Corte.


We firmly believe in developing a solid relationship that enables us to offer a service to compliment your commercial need.


Our mission consist of maintaining leadership in the Senepol genetics, as well as the benefits obtained from the crossbreeding, and to offer crossbreeding systems based on our experience with heat adapted cattle.

Senepol meat is recognized for being a lean and healthy source of protein, as it contains about 25% less saturated fat than other cattle breeds. This makes it an excellent choice for those wanting a high-protein, low-fat diet.

Celebrating 25 Years of senepol