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Welcome to Sacramento Farms

Welcome to Sacramento Farms

Our ranch is located in Central Florida near Lake Okeechobee. Sacramento Farms boasts the largest herd of Senepol cattle in the United States with over 20 years experience handling heat adapted cattle.

Our Senepol cattle represent the best performing EPD’s of Senepol Cattle in the United States. Using advanced technology and a group of highly trained professionals, we maintain compliance with the strictest standards in genetic selection. We have focused on obtaining cattle which meets the needs of the beef industry.

Due to the high quality of our Senepol herd, we have created the best cross-bred bulls, combining Senepol genetics.

Mission Statement

Our goals consist of maintaining leadership in the Senepol genetics, as well as the benefits obtained from the crossbreeding.

We offer crossbreeding systems based on our experience with heat adapted cattle.

We firmly believe that developing a solid long term relationship will enable us to offer the service that complements your commercial needs.

Celebrating 25 Years of senepol